So Caps get the win! Cindy, get your tampons ready.

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Top Ten Hits on Cindy Crosby

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More love from psycho douche

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Yeah I’ve actually put my real email on your site. Its very funny how idiotic you Philly fans are…… (you Philly fans? Who said we are?) or anyone else who is a part of this site. (hmmmmmm… that would be you Mr. Bosch Tools door to door salesman)

Truth be told……and this is fucking simple……… ( is it???? )


CLASS???? Youre scumbag city is the ONLY city that smells when driving into it. Do you not realize you people are fucking complete fucking assholes? (your city? mkey…)

You need to start hoping for a new coach…..a new goaltender…..a new “Asshole”(Hartnell) that can lead a team.

Why didnt I hear any ” CROSBY SUCKS” chants when you knew it was over???? Why though? Youre all so intent on screaming it when the player is not on the ice……….BYE THE WAY…it takes an entire team to win. (get the fuck out… I thought its just 87…) Bill Guerin..Hall Gill…Max Talbot….Ruslan Fedetenko (Fedotenko piss stain, FEDOTENKO) …Sykora(Scratched I know)……Dupuis…..Staal……….

eh…let’s go back to simple……FUCK YOU AND YOURE (youre??? are u Frenchie? do you like it up your poopenshaft???) FUCKING SCUMBAG TEAM….

How’s that? Assholes.. (you don’t get out much? do you?)

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Mr Getalife strikes back…. truth is out - he is not a Crosby’s fluffer!

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Author : GETaLIFE
E-mail : <- 18 as in gae, inches or something else????
Message #1:
Dearest arrogant Flyers fan scumbag(s).... who is your favorite player if I may ask? Richards / Knuble perhaps? See, what your problem is, is that nobody really gives a shit about the bunch of nobody’s (LOOK WHO’S TALKING MR. PULITZER…) on your team. Crosby / Ovechkin have the cameras in there face 24/7 because they run the NHL. So yah it will show them flopping, just like any other player in the NHL trying to get there team an edge. Yah, Yah Richards can scores goals but in the end he’s a nobody that people can give a shit about. Put the camera in his face 24/7 and I can make a nice little video of him flopping around like the baby he is. But then again I have a life! (NO YOU DON’T… YOU LIVE IN MOMS BASEMENT) So please, all you Flyer scumbags out there….shut your mouth until your team or any player on your team can achieve something!

35 minutes later … The fury continues ….

Message #2.
Thanks for giving out my “REAL” e-mail. If there is a way to turn this in, I’m looking into it. In any case, top notch web page you got going here admin and so much for your disclaimer “Mail (will not be published) (required)” 9HOW ABOUT YOU JUST GO FUCK YOURSELF). But hey, I’d be disgruntled if I were a Flyers fan too, so its OK. Also, to tell you the truth I’m not even a true Crosby fan…. but I found this just for you (I can wear big boy pants just like you) <---- This time spell checker was on….


The Bad Old Hockey Team II: Philadelphia Flyers

Oh, the fans will come
with their jerseys on
colored in orange and black.
In the sporting tank
Read More »

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I am in love with Guy!!! Best hate mail ever…

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(IP: 209.74.**.***) <- Im editing that but you can guess where this IP point to.
E-mail : <- yes we know, you are… you are …


here’s what Mr. Loser thinks.

Wow, really? A whole song? A whole web page?
#1: Please get yourself a life
#2: You’re obviously just a buch a angry Flyers/Capitols fans who are sick and tired of there team chocking year after year.
#3: How long do you think the line would be for a Crosby jersey if he was traded to your team. Let me know so I camp out now, just incase!
#4 Ovechkin, really? Isn’t that the same guy who thought his stick was on fire after a goal? or was that TO. Is that the same guy who can’t get his team past the first round of the playoffs. Are you refering to Alexander (Its all about me) Ovechkin. Oh yah I herd of that guy before. Fuckin Faggot? Fuckin Fudge Packer? Haha, sounds like someone would like a piece of that fudge, Johnny boy!
#5 Nice equasion Sean, I’m sure your 6th grade teacher would be proud of you.
#6 Steph we knew you would love this song, it was written for you too. A “Whimpy One-timer”. I’ll pass on that!
#7 I don’t know if I mentioned this already but please get a fucken life


Not a very good Friday for this turd burglar.

So here it Mr. Get A. Life. The song. Go Capitols and Ze Fleerz !!!

Click > to play the one and only Crosby Sucks song:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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We have our first stalker - his name is Doug

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What do real die hard band wagon fans do during their team’s playoff game??? The post ob blogs…
Meet Doug:

Submitted on 2009/04/15 at 9:30pm

It’s amazing how people waste their lives making stuff up like this. And really, suggesting he’s gay? Really? Seriously. Get a life.

Ammmkey Dougie….

Submitted on 2009/04/15 at 9:31pm

This is fucked up.

… You think it is Dougie???

and this comes 7 minutes later…

Think about this for a couple minutes and then tell us if he’s a diver.
Now, you’ll still say he’s a diver, because you’re the cry-babies.

Ok, just don’t hang yourself in the bathroom Doug. Yes, I have been ice skating.. and yes, Crosby is a diver..

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Crosby Gallery Part 1

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Collectors edition of perfect 10 dives by Sid “the diving” Kid

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WWCD - what would Cindy do???

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Dive baby, dive.. Thats what Cindy would do. Carma is a bitch eh? Flyer score on PK.

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Boris Valabik insures his balls after Crosby incident.

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