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here’s what Mr. Loser thinks.

Wow, really? A whole song? A whole web page?
#1: Please get yourself a life
#2: You’re obviously just a buch a angry Flyers/Capitols fans who are sick and tired of there team chocking year after year.
#3: How long do you think the line would be for a Crosby jersey if he was traded to your team. Let me know so I camp out now, just incase!
#4 Ovechkin, really? Isn’t that the same guy who thought his stick was on fire after a goal? or was that TO. Is that the same guy who can’t get his team past the first round of the playoffs. Are you refering to Alexander (Its all about me) Ovechkin. Oh yah I herd of that guy before. Fuckin Faggot? Fuckin Fudge Packer? Haha, sounds like someone would like a piece of that fudge, Johnny boy!
#5 Nice equasion Sean, I’m sure your 6th grade teacher would be proud of you.
#6 Steph we knew you would love this song, it was written for you too. A “Whimpy One-timer”. I’ll pass on that!
#7 I don’t know if I mentioned this already but please get a fucken life


Not a very good Friday for this turd burglar.

So here it Mr. Get A. Life. The song. Go Capitols and Ze Fleerz !!!

Click > to play the one and only Crosby Sucks song:

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