After spending 10 days living under rock and biting his dirty nails he can finally relax and have another brain fart on the internet. Here’s what our little buddy has to say:

“Great come back once again admin… I must say you are very good at using big boy words (fucking tool, moron, retard) and making fun a people that don’t see things the same you do. I must say you can find some funny pics too (did you get this one from your family album? cute kids!) (edit, not that came from you jr. high yearbook) I am now convinced you are a 12 year old who just figured out how to make a shitty web page and knows absolutly nothing about the game hockey. (edit: orly? Now let see the guru of hockey here) Since your Caps chocked yet again, can you at least show you know the littlest about the game of hockey and admit your team just got there ass handed to them by Sidney Crosby? (edit: I always thought it was a team sport. How weird. Cindy Crosby did all by himself. How brilliant!!!) I know it will be a tough thing for you to do, and heck, you might not be able to see that good though your coke bottle glasses, but at least show you know something about the game of hockey.”

Well, there you have it. He missed the short bus this morning. This is just one of his comments we received today. Congratulations kid, you’re certified moron now.