Something tells me this kid is either 12 years old or has some kind of tumor on his head… Read his e-mail:

“this is the biggest joke of a website i have ever read. just an an FYI, crosby (better known as bing, or wizard of croz around western PA), currently has 9 goals in 10 playoff games and has lead his team within 2 games of the eastern conference finals for the 2nd straight year. AT AGE 21!!! you must be a mega-tool if you can’t comprehend how amazing this kid is at hockey. mike richards is just as big a complainer (that is the captains job, i suppose you don’t watch much hockey), and twice the diver that sid is, and no one bitches about his antics. bottom line: sid is one of the best hockey players in the nhl and is proving to be a much more effective leader than ovechkin (who takes dirty runs at people such as the one he took on gonchar last nite)…dont feel so mad about being jealous about the whole thing. i know it hurts. when we hoist the cup this year, and sid gets the first skate with Lord Stanley, it will be epic. and you will still be a giant complaining/whining/crying little lunch box. enjoy mediocrity. with sid on my team, i wont have to. GO PENS!

what a fucking tool.. Richards is a diver, so its OK for Crosby to be one. Great logic, moron. “dont feel so mad about being jealous about the whole thing” .. what “whole thing”? Crosby diving? WTF?